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Psychic Party's

Sarah's Psychic party events

Special psychic party events packages

Would you like a Professional Psychic and Tarot Card Reader for a special event ?

Perhaps you would like to have a psychic Reader at your next or party event at your house office restaurant any place you would like. Would you'd like to add a little fun to a special party or event that you've been planning? Sarah will come to your home, banquet hall restaurant where every your event will be taking place at, and provide a psychic and tarot card readings to you and your guest. Sarah does all different types of readings that you can chose from. Each reading can average from a full reading to a short one, it's all up to you.

Special events package include






All the readings above will tell each person there past, present, and future also answers questions.

2 QUESTIONS | special events package

For your Psychic Party  you may want to do the 2 questions where you and your guest will ask any 2 questions and Psychic Sarah will put the tarot cards down to answer the questions. This is a shorter reading if you have many guest, which doesn’t take as much time as a regular reading. Of course if you have many guest, and not a lot of time this ideal to help save time and money. Her rates very by person or by the hour or a flat rate.

In you need any more information or if you would like to arrange an event or psychic party. You can call or email me at  When emailing for a information. Please include If you want prices per hour or per person?
How many people will be there?
Where it will be held?
When it will be?

Contact Sarah white today! 708 – 443 – 5817

Psychic Sarah well amaze you with her Psychic ability to reveal your

Past * Present * Future

Psychic Sarah answers all types of questions concerning

Love * Marriage * Career * Health and Family

Sarah has been a Psychic and Tarot Card Reader for over 35 years. As a Clairvoyant Psychic she can give you the insight into the future. You and your guests will enjoy her accurate readings and your guest will rave long after the party is over of how much they enjoyed there reading. Sarah will come to your home, office, restaurant, hotel, banquet hall, apt. Just tell her when and where and she will never let you down.


Sarah has done special psychic party events

*Private Parties
*Bridal Showers,
*Bachelor Party’s
*Fund Raisers
*Birthday Party’s
*Holiday Events
*Office Gathering
*Friends getting together
*And all types of private and public events


She has done her readings all over the Chicago and Indian area city and suburbs contact her for pricing information.