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Spiritual Reader Psychic Sarah White is 1. of Chicago best Psychic Reader. She comes from a long line of Psychic and Spiritualist. Psychic Sarah White is third generation psychic reader she has been a giving readings for over 35 years in the Chicago area.  Her telephone Readings have reach people all over the world. She has experience in all different types of readings. Spiritual cleansing healings removing negative energy balancing positive and negative and more. Sarah White has a small shop in the north side of Chicago and another 1 in the south west suburb in Riverside Il.

Sarah White's Bio

Psychic Sarah was born and raised in Chicago and has been blessed with a gift. She has the ability to see into the future. to have the power and knowledge to help and guide you. We come into the world and we have certain choices to make. Psychic Sarah White has the ability to give you the option before they happens. So you can make the right choices. Sarah. She has helped all kinds of people with all kinds of problems and from all walks of life. Psychic Sarah White Specializes in relationships call today to talk with Sarah.


Psychic Sarah White, dose spiritual cleansing, Balance positive and negatives removes obstacles out of your life so you can go forward. Sarah works with energy clearing , She gives Palm Readings, Tarot Cards Readings Psychic Readings Aura Readings, all her readings will tell you Past Present and Future. Sarah White, gives readings on the telephone or in person she will answer all your questions.

Psychic Sarah white

She will amaze you with her gift and she will answer all your questions without asking you any questions. If you find she does not, please feel free to discuss it with her. If you have any questions about her or her services please call Sarah White.