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The Aura is made of a mixture of different colors and shapes. An aura reading focuses on your inner energy and if the colors are true or pale or to dark. The aura is the center of your emotions. It will tell you your present and your future. What type of illness in the future so you may try to avoid it from coming in your life. The aura reading will tell you what type of people you attract an the energy that you put out.

An Aura Reading will reveal energy fields that surround your whole body. It will explain the colors and shapes around your energy fields. An aura reading will measure your positive and negative energy. If your colors are to pale or to dark you may need a spiritual cleansing to balance your positive and negative energy. For your aura to be clear and positive for more information please call or email me and i can explain about an aura reading.

Aura Cleansings 





This is the  location of all 7 chakras and their primary characterizes

FIRST CHAKRA, Located at the base of the tail bone. The first chakra is called a base chakra. This is the chakra energy that is at the center which allows you to receive unconditional love and affection as a child.

SECOND CHAKRA, Located below the navel. It is related to your sexuality sociability and desire. It is also
know as the center of your physical strength.

THIRD CHAKRA, Located above the navel, It is known to control your self-esteem and self worth. This is the
center of intuition level.

FORTH CHAKRA, Located at the center of the chest. This chakra controls the ability which allows you to give
and receive unconditional love and affection. When you experience a loss or disappointment it will allow you
to feel anger - sorrow - pain after a certain time.  Your energy will build walls around you to protect you from
giving love and receiving love.

FIFTH CHAKRA. Located at the base line of the neck. This is the communication and opening to your
spirituality  and well being.

SIX CHAKRA. Known as the third eye and is located in the center of the
And gives you the ability to absorb the knowledge that it is related  to.

SEVENTH CHAKRA, Know as the crown and located at the top of your head From here you feel and focus
with all the energy power source with in you. The seventh chakra is know to control all the 7 points of your
body and mind .To give you the ability to absorb all the knowledge and memory your body needs.